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Within each of us, no matter what our situation or culture, is a Master. My goal is to empower each person to remove the veil and bring forth the Master. I will help you to remove your mask so that you can stand up as Who You Really Are--in all your love, glory and power. Your journey from fear to love is needed at this crucial time as our dear planet prepares for ascension. I am available to assist you to speed that journey along, all the while with you keeping your own personal power and discernment!

You do make a difference!


Channeling is a Powerful Tool

Channeling is indeed a tool--the masters and guides come through in loving service to assist--not to do the work for you. You always---always---have choice. This is a planet of free will. Take what is yours and leave the rest behind. Channeling is a way to see "yourself"without the "illusions" that keep you from freedom, joy, growth and, not the least, love! Read More

The core of every illness, pain or disease, be it physical or emotional is in the heart chakra. Heal the core and the rest will follow. To do this, the greatest power is LOVE. Whatever modality you choose as a practiitioner, add to it your greatest thoughts of love. Also have your client open their heart with their thoughts of love which will automatically take down many of the barriers they have placed around their heart chakra and thus allow healing to happen. Read More

The Golden Ring of Illumination

grThe true meaning of the golden ring is "Illumination." There is so much to learn--then use what you have learned--teach what you have learned--then realize that there is so much more to learn! Thus is the Golden Ring of Illumination! Read More


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