Death seems sad and scary because you do not trust yet. You don't trust that you are a part of the one. That there is no way that you could ever die.


Daughter, do you want to see God? Then look into a mirror.

        Beloved Deceased Mother


Be Still--allow the miracles

by Katherine Russell

I feel I should start this story with ”Once Upon a Time…” for it crosses the boundaries of logic but then, so has most of my life. Much of my training has come from the other side. After a near-death experience I was told by my guides that the teachings would come to me at unexpected times and from unexpected places. This true story was one of those.

I lived in a town in northern California along with three cats and a five-gallon tank of fish. Of the fish I had, Sourdough brought me the most delight. He had such beauty but, more than that it was how enamored he was with his mate. I had never witnessed two fish so taken with each other.

Raz, a Manx, was one cat that try as I might I could not stop from going “fishing.” So, to keep him from pulling the top off the tank I put a large Amethyst crystal on top. This worked well until one night I forgot to replace the crystal after feeding the fish.

The next morning I got up to dead fish all over the floor. I was horrified! I looked over with disgust at Raz, but how could I blame him for doing what was natural. Besides, it was I who had forgotten to put the crystal back on. I felt so bad for what had happened, yet all I could do was clean up the mess. I looked for Sourdough, hoping that he might still be in the tank. No, there he was several feet away. My eyes swelled with tears at the sight of him. He and his mate had managed to find each other in all this chaos and die side-by-side touching each other.

I cleaned everything up but Sourdough. I wanted…no, I needed to do an honoring for him. I also wanted to ease the trauma surrounding his death. Sourdough had been out of the water for over six hours. All of his fins had been chewed off. He had a big gaping hole on his side and there were several deep claw marks in his head. I picked him up. He was hard and stiff.

I had prepared crystals pointing into the tank, and then placed Sourdough belly-up on the water. I used a Danburite to sooth the pain of passing, and an Amethyst point to ease the trauma. I then placed my hands over him to run Reiki. When I felt complete with the ceremony I removed my hands. There before me was a live fish! Yes, there he was, no fins, holes and all—I couldn’t believe my eyes!

The days to follow I watched him heal. He would hold his wounds in front of the crystal points every morning. When I put my hands in the tank he would swim between them to receive Reiki. Fungus developed in all his wounds and all his gills. He would stay still to let me gently remove the fungus. Many tears fell from my face for the trust he showed. More than that, he taught me that life, even the tiniest hair of life, is worth fighting for. I renamed him “Awesome.” People ask me why Awesome lived—I said “because no one told him he could not!” You can do anything if you believe you can and you don’t buy into the doubts or predictions of others!

Awesome went on to live a long life for a goldfish. I got him a new mate (Hope) who he cherished. By that time I was making Crystal Spirit jewelry. Every piece was blessed by Awesome before I would release it to its buyer. The jewelry brought me into contact with a man who was to become my Brother. Jeff had ordered two pendants. After completing the first piece, I noticed that it was late and I had not fed Awesome and Hope. Awesome always had a way of letting me know through telepathy that I was late but, he hadn’t. I sent to him “why didn’t you tell me?” He sent back to me “because I am dying.”

I ran to the tank and found that his body was streaked with blood and his life-force weak. “No, please don’t go!”

“Dear One you know better. One doesn’t need a physical body to be in contact. Be still… it is my time to go.”

“Why are you going now?”

“It took all of my energy to bring you and Jeff together.”

“But how do I know who he is and what he is to me?”

“In due time my dear, be still.”

It took me three days to finish the second piece. During that time Awesome remained by the crystals I set up for him. Hope, his mate, tried everything to get him to move. I considered moving her to another tank, but couldn’t bear to separate them. That would happen soon enough. On the third night I had planned to go to bed and get up early the next morning to finish the piece. I heard a definite “No! You must finish the piece tonight.” So I did and hesitated to bring the finished pendant to him. He was so weak!

“Be still, it is only my body that is weak, not my spirit.” With that I gave him the pendant and told him of my love, my gratitude and of my goodbye.

By morning he was indeed gone. But, I was not prepared for what else I was to witness. Hope had moved her body between Awesome and his crystal. She left with him. Both bodies remained side-by-side suspended in water next to the crystal-- not even in death could the tank’s pumps move their bodies. Love is not limited to shape, size or form!

I buried them side-by-side with their crystal. Then, to my shock, Jeff came to tell me he was moving out of the state. I wished him well and love. Inside I wondered why all this effort to bring us together only to have him leave! And from far away I heard those familiar words…”be still, just be still!”

Two years later I get a call from Jeff, he was going to move to Kauai. Funny thing was that my new husband and I had decided to buy land and move to, yes, you guessed it, Kauai. The three of us are family here and have much work to do together.

Oh yes, the next time I did jewelry I still gave the piece to the top of the fish tank even though the tank was still empty. There was a quick flash of gold through the water. Love knows no boundaries.

If you come to see us here in Kauai notice the fish tank. And when you drive away you will pass three tree-like bushes that just happen to be called “Be Still.”

Don’t overlook the small package for indeed it may hold a Master’s teaching.

The end.

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