The easiest way to find your mate is to look into your own heart--while doing this you will be a beacon for those you are looking for. Look not outside, look to your heart!


Do not confuse sweetness with weakness, for there is a power in sweetness that most overlook.

            Lady Nada


ReJourney     by Katherine Russell

            A Healing Meditation 2 CD set

ReJourney came through a meditation with Isis. And it is an awesome healing vibration. You are the creator of your reality. If your current reality is pain or discomfort, ReJourney gives you the opportunity to choose differently. In the past the highest healing vibration was to see yourself as "becoming" healthy and well while being in gratitude for it already being so. ReJourney raises the healing vibration even higher. With ReJourney the foundation or principle is that your body is divine, healthy and whole. And, in fact always is--anything else is but illusion. Hold that as your truth! Allow your cells, DNA and emotions to resonate with and move into that reality. So, the question to you now is: will you choose differently, will you choose ReJourney?

CD 1: Physical Healing--start with the powerful sounds of the ocean. Go into a state of relaxation, releasing and opening your heart. Journey from a meadow full of wild flowers to a hidden valley. From that hidden valley go on a deeper inner journey backward in time--to the birth or conception of your pain, disease or malady. Choose a different path this time around and visit Isis Oasis--one of the most beautiful and healing places in this universe! Experience the water of Isis Oasis!

CD2: Self Love--start with the sound of a babbling brook. Move into relaxation, releasing and opening your heart. You find yourself in a meadow, making your way to the hidden valley. This time the inner journey's focus will be to go backward in time to the moment of birth of the illusion "Lack of Self Love." See it for the illusion it is and choose self love this time around. Fortify your new reality of self love in the life force, beauty and healing vibrations of Isis Oasis! Allow the healing waters into your physical, emotional and mental fields. It all starts here. Choose self love.

2 CD set: $25 + $4 S/H.


An Evening with Meere de Eschee'     

            A Channeled Event by the Allow Love Trance Channel Team CD

Meere de Eschee’ is an ancient Egyptian Rabbi and a former lifetime of Rod’s. He started coming through Rod a few years ago and is a very high form of trance channeling. Meere de Eschee’ not only speaks through Rod but, is able to physically walk around in Rod’s body. Now that he is Rod's Gatekeeper he allows the guests this same facility.

This is an 80 minute CD of Meere de Eschee' talking with friends. He answers questions about his lifetime in ancient Egypt, his views on life today and why he chose to start coming through.

CD $15 + $4 S/H.


Pele's White Spider Manifestation Meditation     by Katherine Russell

            Spider: Creativity, Focus, the Weaver of Fate

As Ted Andrews tells us in Animal Speaks: To the native American Indians the spider is "Grandmother," the link to the past and future. The spiders have a two section body, giving them a figure 8 appearance. This, in conjuction with its 8 legs links it to all the mysticism associated with the number 8, "infinity." It is the wheel of life, flowing from one circle to the next. The spider has come to be associated by mystics and in mythology with three predominant expressions of magic. The first is the magic and energy of creation. The second is the assertiveness of that creative force. The third is the spiral energy of the web which links the past and the future.

So, with this knowledge of the spider, start your adventure, your journey, on a private beach listening to the soft melody of waves licking at the shore. Heed the beckoning of Pele's voice to climb a manifestation path up the side of a mountain to the very edge of a volcanic crater. Ride deep down into that very crater, go deep into Mother Earth. Deep within Mother Earth find the magical White Spider and dream your dream of manifestation. Learn of trust, allowing and intent. Create your reality!

CD: $15 + $4 S/H.


DjWhal Khul's Channelers Meditation     by Katherine Russell

            Major tool in learning to channel!

How many times have you wished for a better connection with your own personal guides, deceased loved ones or your higher self? Well, here is your chance! Take a meditative journey through 3 veils--fire, dreamy and action. Walk across the blue river of creation that separates our world from theirs. Desire, focus, intent and allow form the key to unlock the door to this adventure. So, here is the question to you--what is your focus and intent? And, will you step out of your own way to allow it? Enjoy the adventure--enjoy the love--Allow Love!!

CD: $15 + $4 S/H.


Ascension Channelings     by Katherine and Rod Russell

          Ashtar and Lady Sophia!

We brought together a group of people with varying degrees of knowledge of ascension to give well rounded coverage of the topic. We wanted to cover a series of questions such as "What is Ascension?," "How will earth experience it?," How will humanity experience it?," Is it cause for celebration or doomsday?," "what will actually happen?," "How will it feel?," What will our world and life be like once we have ascended?," "Will I still know my child or loved one after ascension?"

These two CDs are 80 minutes each of channeled responses to these questions and more! The time of ascension is at hand. The best way to prepare and stay in the vibration of love and compassion is to be informed. May the vibration of knowledge close the door on fear!


Ascension CD 1: Ashtar on Ascension

Ascension CD 2: Lady Sophia (Creator Goddess) on Ascension


2 CD set: $25 + $4 S/H.

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