The Golden Ring of Illumination


The true meaning of the golden ring is "Illumination." There is so much to learn--then use what you have learned--teach what you have learned--then realize that there is so much more to learn! Thus is the Golden Ring of Illumination!

"It is from the Golden Ring of Illumination that I teach with a full heart--holding nothing back. It is a mark of a good teacher who will teach you how not to need them! I will not teach unless we can give over 100%."

****About Forming Classes****

I need a minimum compensation of two students tuition to teach a class. I will open the class to the public and do our best to find other students for any class that you are interested in. I will also proceed on a one-to-one provided that you pay the equivalent of two student tuitions.

Intuitive Reiki Level I & II class

Level I gives you the history of Reiki and of Intuitive Reiki. You will also learn how to prepare yourself, your surroundings and your client. You will learn all the basic "how tos" of Intuitive Reiki. In level II you will start learning some of the powerful symbols of Intuitive Reiki and how to use them. You will also learn how to perform "Distance Healings." Intuitive Reiki can be used on yourself, others, animals, plants, clearing space, water, food, manifestation and more. At the end of each level you will receive attunements. This is a 2 day class with a cost of $389 per student.

Intuitive Reiki Masters class

For many, Levels I & II may be all they need. But, for those who feel called to go further, there is the Intuitive Reiki Masters class. This class further increases your ability to channel healing energy. It includes three more major symbols--and a new one for the eyes gifted to us early in 2002 by Athena. It also teaches you the method of passing on attunements and most importantly how to teach Intuitive Reiki. All Intuitive Reiki teachers are Masters but, not all Intuitive Reiki Masters are teachers. You will know if you have the calling to teach. Whether you choose to teach or not, it is still important that you have the information on how to teach. This is a 2 day class with a cost of $495.

Channeling class

We all have the ability to channel in one form or another, this is not limited to just a gifted few. Most of us are conscious channels and some are trance channels. Which are you? Learn the steps needed to begin and enhance your channeling ability. Learn the procedures for opening up a sacred space in which to channel and prepare yourself not to take on what is not yours. Learn not only how to channel but, how to protect yourself while doing so. Learn how the enfoldment of conscious channel's and a trance channel's energies generate a much higher level of Service than either alone.

Two of the main blocks to someone stepping into their own abilities are: Number one--lack of self worth. Number two--trying to channel someone else's way rather than your own. By the end of this class we strive to find out what type of channeler you are and what personal blocks that you hold onto to stop you from fully stepping into your abilities.

This one day class starts at 9am in the morning and goes until approximately 7:30pm at night. It is indeed a very long day chock full of information. We have always desired to turn this into a two day class which would be easier on us but, our guides tell us that there is a build-up of energy that is completed by doing it in one day. So long as we are told that this is for the highest good we will continue with this as a one day class. The cost per student is $311.

How to Work with Spirit class

One of the main points of this class is how to always hold your own discernment. There are many assumptions--assumed truths that can often lead people astray when working with Spirit and their own personal guides. Some of the topics covered in this class: What is discernment? When does it serve you to give your power away? Do your guides and Spirit always know the correct answer? Is the truth always the highest service? How does Spirit see or "come up with" the answers? What does it mean when your guides say they are "not of free will?" How can time and space not exist? Is it true that past, present and possible futures exist in the same space? When told that something is for your highest good--is that a good thing? How can the "need to be right" get in your way? When is the journey more important than the end result? What is the greatest thing that we can learn in this lifetime? What is the truth about all manifestation?

Many of the answers to these questions may surprise and shock you. The time for this class is now! It is time to remove more of the veils and step up into the Master that you are. The cost is $225 per student.

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