Healing Modalities

The Mask of Anger

Know that anger is only a substitute emotion. Look behind the mask of anger and you will find the true emotion--that of pain or fear! Look behind the pain and there you will find the love. So, when dealing with a loved one who is in anger, try not to engage in the anger. Instead, look behind the anger and direct your attention to the pain. Once the pain is acknowledged and dealt with, you will be able to see the love.            Metatron

This is not a time in which you bury your feelings. This is a time to examine them, to resolve them and let them go! Know that illusions come in many flavors!

            Saint Germaine

Intuitive Reiki Founder Katherine Russell

After Katherine's Near-Death experience her guides told her that she was to do something called Reiki but, that she was to do it differently than the way it was being taught at that time. Back in 1980 (the time of her near-death experience) Reiki was not well known and she certainly had never heard of it. Needless to say Katherine was excited when she discovered that there really was such a thing as Reiki. She wasn't quite so excited when she found that the cost to become a Reiki Master was $10,000. Her guides told her not to worry--in divine timing all would happen. Katherine received her training from a woman named Joy Metcalf who believed that Reiki should be affordable for the many instead of priced for only the very few. Katherine honestly told her that she was to be doing Reiki differently and Joy was open to that.

Reiki was originally done by both Buddha and Sananda--they did not have set hand movements, levels or fees. They allowed it to flow. In Intuitive Reiki you acknowledge that you do not work alone. You indeed work in partnership with your client and the Masters. You allow your movements to be guided by the Masters and to flow to the rhythm that seems right and natural for each individual client. You use Intuitive Reiki as a beautiful, strong foundation onto which you add whatever healing modalities your passion is drawn to--you may add crystal therapy, native indian ways, sound therapy, color therapy, parts of other healing modalities, guided meditations, shape-shifting energy or whatever else calls to your soul. When you form your healing modality to that which is yours you are going to walk it to the greatest of your ability, passion and strength!

Intuitive Reiki is universal life energy. Intuitive Reiki belongs to anyone who can hold compassion in their heart and focus with intent. It matters not your educational background, culture, religion or age (even children can run Intuitive Reiki.) Intuitive Reiki is a natural healing energy which comes in through the crown chakra, runs through the heart, arms and out the hands. Intuitive Reiki passes through the practitioner into the client--both receive benefit from the energy. But, as always, all healing is self-healing. It is up to the client to use this energy to heal themselves--or not. Intuitive Reiki can work on all levels--physical, spiritual and emotional. Intuitive Reiki is love, and love is the most powerful healing force of all.

Intuitive Reiki can be used for self-healing, healing of others, animals, plants, food, medicine, water, the earth Mother, manifestation, clearing spaces.... And it harms none, it cannot be used negatively. For, if it is used without integrity, it simply won't flow.

Allow Love's Intuitive Reiki Master Teacher

Rod was trained by Katherine. He is carrying on the practice of and teaching of Intuitive Reiki.


ReJourney is a guided meditation healing modality. This was a channeled gift from Isis brought through Katherine in April, 2002. And, it is an awesome healing vibration! You are the creator of your reality. If your current reality is pain or discomfort, ReJourney gives you the opportunity to choose differently. In the past, the highest healing vibration was to see yourself as "becoming" healthy and well while being in gratitude for it already being so. ReJourney raises the healing vibration even higher. With ReJourney the foundation or principle is that your body is divine, healthy and whole. And, in fact, always is--anything else is an illusion! Hold that as your truth! Allow your cells, DNA and emotions to resonate with and move into that reality. So, the question to you now is: Will you choose differently, will you choose ReJourney?

ReJourney Guided Meditation is available as a part of a personal healing session by appointment.

ReJourney Guided Meditation CD is available.

Pure Love Modality

Pure Love (short for Potent Universal Radiant Everlasting Love)is a powerful tool. It uses the type of love that goes beyond what words can define. The type of love that you feel the first time your child is placed in your arms. This modality helps you to cut through all the baggage and chatter that you have in your mind, all that stuff about who other people think you should be, what they think you should do and all the illusions that you do not deserve self love. It will cut through all of this stuff and take you right to the truth of your heart!

Please check out Katherine giving a free demonstration of this powerful modality on YouTube.

Sananda's Love

Sananda's Love uses three colors. The first color is a pink-lavender--the color of Sananda's Love, unconditional love. The second color is a green-gold, one of the strongest healing colors coming in. The third color is an iridescent-white which is connected to the Great-Central-Sun.

You start with one person in the center of a circle of three or more people. The person in the center "to receive the healing energy" is to focus on whatever thoughts bring them the greatest feelings of love. This will open them to receive to the maximum and magnify the healing energy coming in.

Those forming the circle will start focusing on the first color, the pink-lavender. They will bring this color into their heart-chakra and form it into a sphere. Once the sphere is about the size of a large grapefruit, they pull it to just outside their body in front of the heart chakra. There they focus on whatever thoughts, feelings or images bring them the greatest thoughts of love. They take the feelings that this invokes and place those into the sphere. They then move the sphere over the head of the client, joining it with all the spheres and making one large sphere. They continue increasing the size of the sphere until it is large enough to engulf the client. They then move the sphere over the client and allow it to move and vibrate to the speed of unconditional love, allowing it to divinely bring healing energy to wherever it may need to go in the client. When this feels complete, those in the circle bring their focus back to their own heart chakra then proceed to repeat these same two steps with the next two colors. After you have completed all three colors, you invoke the blessing of Sananda.

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