Healing Starts in the Heart

The core of every illness, pain or disease, be it physical or emotional is in the heart chakra. Heal the core and the rest will follow. To do this, the greatest power is LOVE. Whatever modality you choose as a practitioner, add to it your greatest thoughts of love. Also have your client open his/her heart with thoughts of love which will automatically take down many of the barriers they have placed around their heart chakra and thus allow healing to happen.

Know that healing "Is" and so it is!


I always find the term "Healer" is rather funny for, indeed, all healing is self healing. A healing practitioner provides the life force energies and techniques to offer the possibility to the client to allow the choice of healing. I am always honored to share in the grace of facilitating opportunities for self-healing.

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Intuitive Reiki

Sananda's Love
Pure Love
Soul Retrievals
Soul Merge

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Healing Session------------$95/Hr.

Soul Retrieval----------------$250

The Merge----------------------$250

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