Specialty Channelings

Specialty Channelings

These are focused, custom channelings that have been "channeled" to me. These are channelings with you "in person." I do not do these by distance! In the case of Soul Retrievals and Soul Merges I need to be first asked by the client and then receive permission from Spirit. If Spirit tells me "it is not for your highest good," I will not proceed.

Change can happen in three seconds!


The Higher Self Channeling

When Rod and I discovered that he was a total trance channel I was at a bit of a loss as to how to train him. When I finally got out of my own way I asked my guides to teach me to train Rod. The most major tool that they gave me was the Channelers Meditation. In this meditation Rod was able to interview several different lifetimes of his Higher Self that were "stepping up" to help him increase his ability to trance channel. We interviewed one a week over a period of six weeks. At the end of that time Rod was to choose one and then to do a meditation to merge more fully with that lifetime. It is from this Channelers Meditation that the Higher Self channeling has evolved. We have taught many people to channel and some wanted to follow the same process as Rod but, they wanted to do it faster.

In the Higher Self Channeling you can interview from one to six different lifetimes of your Higher Self--your higher self is made up of the highest vibrations of every life time you have lived. This is all accomplished in one channeling. It is really wild watching Rod in trance going from one energy to another. To do this channeling you state at the time of scheduling your intent for the Higher Self channeling--most are done for the purpose of channeling but, it is not limited to that, it can be done for whatever facet of your life that you want to excel in. You come, the day of the channeling, with questions for interviewing the lifetimes. At the end of the session you "do not" choose. I ask that you give it some time and thought--possibly listen to the CD again before deciding to merge or not. Once the decision to merge is made--go to a private place that is special and sacred to you, do a meditation giving permission and intent to merge with the Higher Self lifetime of your choice.

Soul Retrievals

Soul Retrievals are a powerful tool for self-healing and insight. It can bring a whole new perspective on how you view yourself and your past. There are times in our earlier years (due to illness, tragedy, physical injury, or emotional injuries) when we tear a piece of our soul off and leave it there so that we can move on. This often leaves us with the feeling of "not being whole." The soul retrieval is a means of going back and retrieving these parts of the soul.

There are many shamanic ways of doing soul retrieval that have been very effective over the years. The way I have been taught has come through channeling, gifted by Lord Michael (Creator God). It is indeed Lord Michael that I team with for all Soul Retrievals. The Soul Retrieval is a journey in which you, as client, have a major role. First, you request the Soul Retrieval channeling and prepare yourself to be "truly open" to embracing and exploring those parts of yourself you may not want to look at. Next, Rod goes into trance-channel and brings through Lord Michael. the client then has a few minutes to ask questions. The client then lays on a massage table, looking into a silver sheen obsidian sphere. At this point Lord Michael takes them on a guided, meditative journey--to the opening of a large dark cave. There you will be met by an animal guide/protector who will lead you down a spiral path going steadily deeper into the cave. Along the way you will be stopped at a series of "windows" in which you view yourself at an earlier age experiencing some sort of trauma. During the whole journey you will be guided by Lord Michael. But, it is "you" who will be doing the healing work to retrieve your soul's fragments. All healing is "self healing"--so you need to be truly willing to WALK THIS WALK! Upon returning from the cave, you will be given some more time to ask questions of Lord Michael if you wish. The session is recorded on a one-hour CD (but, as always, we cannot guarantee that the session will record.)

The Soul Merge

Personal Note from Katherine Russell--

My near-death experience happened May 15, 1980. I had always known that I did not come back alone. I was still there but, there was someone else too. It was hard to explain that she was "me" as well. My guides told me that I was a type of walk-in-- one of the "two souls." My first self had the life experiences but, it was my new soul which brought me abilities that I had not known before. The time came, early in 2001, that my first soul wanted to have a more active part in supporting my work of service. That brought about my first experience of Seraphis Bey. It is he whom we team with to do this healing form. The results of my Soul Merge allowed me to hold more Light and run higher vibration.

The Soul Merge is a type of folding and blending that Seraphis Bey performs. This healing modality is applicable to those who have had a type of death-experience. It doesn't have to be a heavy duty death-experience--it could have happened even in your sleep. The first step is to confirm in a channeling that you are indeed one of the "two souls" and that it is for your highest good to participate in a Soul Merge. The intent of a Soul Merge is requested at the time of scheduling the appointment. To begin the channeling Katherine places Rod into trance and brings through Seraphis Bey. The first part of the channeling is devoted to the client asking questions of Seraphis Bey in reference to the Soul Merge--information about both souls, what to expect in the process, what kind of side effects there may be, the length of the integration time that will ensue, the pros and cons of doing the merge... Upon the client giving permission, Seraphis Bey proceeds with the Soul Merge. This procedure is done while the client is sitting in a meditative state. Once Seraphis Bey finishes the process the client again has an opportunity to ask questions about the experience.



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