Spiritual Tidbits

Spiritual Tidbits

Our purpose with Spiritual Tidbits is to share with all, especially those who have been unable to attend our monthly Open Channelings, those spiritual tidbits of information that each Guest has brought through in the last Open Channelings and other pertinent topics that we are being pressed by Spirit to share.

The spiritual explanation of magic is turning fear and pain back into love and compassion, now that's real magic!


Mary Magdalene

Love is the important thing, not only during Christmas time but, for all time. Celebrate the love. Now, another thing I would like to bring up with you is: this is the time of year in which many of you are making predictions for the coming year. I have a request of you: I want you to predict what you want to see in the world, nothing else, only what you want to see in the world. Please!

Katherine: What she is asking of you is very powerful. Because if you will focus on only what you want to see, it is powerful to create it so.

Mother Teresa

I would like to remind you all of a tool that you have for manifestation. That tool is gratitude, gratitude for already having whatever it is you’re manifesting.

Katherine: The closer we come to Ascension, the more important feeling becomes over thinking. Quite often thinking gets in your way. Instead, feeling your way through something is more effective. Feeling gratitude for having what you are manifesting before you have it, feeling the gratitude of it being here and now is powerful creation! It is like a magnet pulling your manifestation to you!

Mother Teresa: Everyone gets to manifest their own reality. If you believe chaos is coming you will indeed get chaos.

Genghis Khan

This information did not come from an Open Channeling but, what came through, in my opinion, was so powerful in its truth that I feel it is important to share. A client came to us who has a very big, caring heart. This client is one who always reaches out to care or do for those around her. As a consequence of this, unfortunately she is often “put upon and taken advantage of.” In talking to Ghengis Khan this client stated that the only thing she knew to do was to close down her heart. Ghengis Khan replied that she could indeed protect herself without closing down her heart. All she need do was change the way she viewed those around her. Instead of seeing them as victims or ones in need, see them as the powerful beings that they actually are. Seeing them as a powerful being you may suggest or give opinions to assist but, you know that they have the ability to help themselves. They indeed do not need you to do it for them.

Lord Michael--Creator God

I will give you the secret to all creation: You make it all up!! Most prefer to use some else's plan with steps ABCD etc. So that they do not have to wholly commit to making it happen. You see they are already looking for an excuse for their manifestation not working. You need to completely commit to create!


Dear ones. From our point of view holding onto your pain only keeps you from love and joy--why would you do that?

Katherine: Many of us hold onto pain so that, if it ever happens to us again, it won't hurt us so much.

Ahtena: Oh, so you hold onto pain that so that it will bite you every day of your life so that, if it ever happens again, it might not hurt you as much. It is also important for you to understand that for every drop of pain that you hold onto it takes up the space of eleven thousand drops of love and joy!


Waiting only begets more waiting! Allowing is where you need to be. Waiting puts the action outside of you--allowing puts you right smack in the middle of the action which is where you need to be to create.

Saint Germaine

Do not poke the "magic hat" for it will collapse. In other words, do not disect everything with the hows and whys. Allow the miracles, allow the magic, allow the beauty and allow the wonder!


You will know that you are on your spiritual path to the highest of your capabilities if you can sit with whatever "pushes your buttons", whatever gives you a "charge" and remain with it until you see very clearly and completely that it is perfectly and perfectly divine just as it is.


Anyone who dares to look back over the last three Months of their life and pretend that there was any correlation between what they intended and what the outcome was would realize that control is an extreme illusion.

ArchAngel Michael

Katherine: How do you feel about someone using Spirit’s name to take advantage and betray those who trusted them? Do you view it like a game being played—its all lessons? Do you still give full support and tools to such a person? Or, when someone starts misusing their gifts and powers, do you pull away?

ArchAngel Michael: When you see one child abuse another, do you no longer love the abuser?


In the upcoming days things may appear to be turning upside down—things that you have been taught and always believed to be true are going to be shown to be only illusions or fallacies. In these times, look to your own hearts to know truth and to find your own safety and balance.

Genghis Khan

The way to come together in community and joy is to look for anything that takes you away from simplicity, leaving simplicity will only impede you. This is a simple guideline.

DjWhal Khul

In going into the process of ascension you will notice even more, that everything that comes into your consciousness, every thought that you have will manifest instantly. If you stay in joy and love this is a wonderful thing. If you are in fear this can be a scary thing indeed.


Can you imagine that you have come to this dear planet to assist her as she moves from the third dimension to the fifth dimension along with all who are going with her? Can you imagine this? For this is the truth, this is what you have come to do.

The Council

All that you are being asked for at this time is to increase your light and your vibration. How do you do this? With more love and joy and if along the way you help even one person to step out of fear and back into love, you have indeed done a great body of work.

The Council

Any time that you can get still enough to see the unique beauty in a person, plant, crystal, animal, even a mouse, it will allow you to go past fear, have more openness in communication and allows peace, forgiveness, love and healing to flourish.

The Council

Each of you carries the portal or doorway to ascension--it is your own heart. When the time of ascension is here, go into a meditative state and allow the essence of you to pass through your own pulsating heart. The more you relax, the faster you will pass through the portal.

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