Testimonials are one of the best ways for you to get a feel for someone's work. So, please browse through the testimonials below and may we also suggest that you check out Spiritual Tidbits which has many excerpts from channelings we have done.

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Spiritual Tidbits

Thank you for another very enlightening channeling!

Lucette, Kaua`i

"Thank you so much for your work and dedication to the truth... I greatly admire and respect you for it! The session brought me such a blessing! I am still absorbing it. Energetically I am a different person today, lighter, clearer--I feel cleansed. Thank you. Thank God for people like you!"

Susan, California

"Words cannot express how truly thankful I am! The Channeling 101 class was filled with so many insights and confirmations. Much of what was relayed made sense. Everything was "clicking." There was a point in the recent past when I felt my reality going askew. Thank you for providing clarity and the validation of what I was experiencing!"

Debra, Hawaii

"This was beyond delightful! Life changing!"

Caroline, Washington

"The information I received backed up my own gut feelings about a number of situations and also shed light on the nature of my connections with certain people in my life. Afterwards I felt much calmer and more at ease with my self and with decisions I had made. Subsequent events proved the guidance I received was spot-on!"

Ruth, Scotland

"Life-saving channeling! At a time when I was caught questioning the value of life and quite overwhelmed with other things going on in my life, I came out of the session completely freer, lighter and happier--more joyful."

Sumay, California

"I go in with a bag of questions and concerns, and I leave not only knowing what it really is about and what to focus on, but feeling deeply seen, loved and empowered from both sides of the veil!”

Siglinde, New Mexico

"I feel better than I have in a really, really, really long time!”

Nona, Arizona

“There were so many aspects of the channeling that hit home and on-target. I just want to say Thank You for the integrity and Light that you both bring when doing this work. There are many people that say they are channels and claim to be healers, but very few walk the talk…”

Gail, California

“The soul retrieval session you facilitated for Lord Michael for me was the most powerful healing, releasing, dynamic thing that’s ever happened to me! It’s been two days now and I’ve slept like a baby and feel such deep peace and a silence in the soul level. Happiness and joy are beginning to seep through the amazement. Thank you for being such pure, obedient channels and agents for the Cosmic Masters of the Universe healing us all. Thank you for loving me so."

Becky, Texas

“Thanks so much for your channeling. The CD is awesome. I take my power right back to myself. I am ready to accept myself as a healer. Thanks so much!"

Uwe, Germany

“Thank you for the very important reading with you this morning. I feel lighter, more in control. I am grateful. Thanks again, I am looking forward to seeing you both again soon.”

Lucette, California

“Wow! That was really cool. I really enjoyed that. Thank you so much for helping!”

Alex, Kaua`i

“On coming back into my body after channeling I am filled with a feeling of awe and gratitude.”

Rod, Trance Channel

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